Quick link tickets for all our events see below: Click on Poster for tickets or more information. Scroll down for Tributes,  St Harmonica’s Blue’s Club, the Electric Mouse Comedy Club and The Fortnight Comedy Club.

       Live Music Friday   23rd  August, Lester Clayton Presents ….  whilst St Harmonica’s Blues plays at Broomfield Park during August.  This is free entry, the ‘hat’ is passed around to pay for the musicians. Please not that the Redlight & friends on Friday 16th August has been cancelled due to unavailability of the band.

   Friday night at the club,’ Madhatter ‘ disco in our members bar.

Friday night at the club,’ Madhatter ‘ disco in our members bar, a vibrant informal night. which has been well received from it’s  first night last week. Free entry, the hat is passed around after.

Who said Wednesday’s are boring, new for the club on every third Wednesday of the  month:-                  

Rocking at the club,  if you like dance and Rock n’ Roll, this is non stop from  8pm -11.30pm, a vibrant and active night with DJ Bill Guntrip, from the famous Ace Cafe in London,  one of the most popular DJ’s on the rockin’ scene today, due to his versatility and skill at ‘reading the crowd’. Tickets £5 on the door at the Southgate Club.