Chairman’s welcome

Welcome everybody,

The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed of new developments in the club, we have many new ideas for the Club and we need your involvement and suggestions to make our Club a better experience for all our patrons. Please feel free to post anything on this blog,  though anything of an indiscreet nature may be deleted.  Generally as a volunteer  management team, we know we are not perfect, we are broad minded enough for most comments and recognise our shortcomings. Your input would be most welcome.

September sees a renewed entertainment activity within the club following the July/August holiday period. The September/October months see the start of the run up to Christmas, the busiest time in the Southgate Club’s social calendar.

It is not the management team’s club, it is our club, there for the benefit of our members and our 5000 public guests who frequent the premises every year and we thank you all for your support, suggestions and ideas.

One thought on “Chairman’s welcome”

  1. Hello, my name is Herbert Krannig, I am from Germany and your biggest fan. I came and saw your Dolly Parton and Elvis tribute, really great nights. The chairman told me it goes back to 1820. Lovely people, the staff are helpful, cheap beer and the people are all very friendly. The last time I was there they had refurbished the function room, it looks a lot better now. The toilets and the outside need some, I think in the UK you call it TLC. A great club with ambition. Best regards Herbert and hope to see you soon when I am next in the UK. I wish we could have a club like yours in Hamburg.

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