Recent research indicates that the origins of the club go back to 1820 as the Southgate Reading Society. It became the Southgate Reading Room and Library in 1850. Founder members included famous Southgate residents such as James Baird, John Miles and Robert Blagden. It was thanks to Sir Thomas Lipton (Lipton Teas), a member of the club, who lived in Ossidge Lane, was able to secure the freehold of the current site in 1889 for the benefit of the Southgate community. original headquarters of the Southgate Nondescript Cycle Club, founded in 1882.  Back in the 1990’s a member Frank Shortland  held 6 world records on his Penny Farthing (Ordinary) bicycle.  The club has features many exhibition snooker matches, including Alex Higgins, Dennis Taylor and Doug Mountjoy. In 1924, the club actually had 8 female members and a turnover of £287, 9 shillings and 2 pence.  More history on this PDF link:- It needs to be updated ! We have much more !